Inclusive political participation is fundamental to making democracy work for all people.

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But in too many places, marginalized communities are blocked from participating meaningfully in public life.

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They face stigma, discrimination and violence.

This is true for many LGBTQI+ communities and people with disabilities around the world.

“I found NDI to be supportive and sensitive to the reality of our work and the context of our country. This is what made this project unique. NDI really wanted to look at how NDWA is working, how we can move to the next stage and improve the work we do.” — Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (NDWA), Namibia
“Before the ERA project, people knew Visibles as a group of people who worked together on their free time on the weekends. Because of our support from ERA, we were able to devote ourselves to this work full-time and actually establish ourselves as an organization.” — Visibles, Guatemala
“[The] application and management process for this grant actually helped us establish our internal processes. It was flexible and appropriate to what we needed at the moment.” — Anonymous grantee
“What we loved about this project is that we received direct support that we have never received from other donors. NDI staff spent hours helping us with our application and telling us about their programmatic tools and resources. This personal connection strengthened our ability to work together. They were sensitive to the realities we faced at the country level.” — Anonymous grantee

Strengthening democracy requires organized action to fight for fundamental rights and social justice.

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That’s why NDI’s Equal Rights in Action Fund supports local activist organizations in every corner of the globe.

Our Mission

Build the power and influence of activists campaigning for the equal rights of LGBTQI+ communities and people with disabilities.


A world in which every person can participate in democracy without fear or discrimination.

Our Objectives

Safe and Secure Environments:

Individuals, organizations and communities are safe and secure from all forms of violence, including threats, intimidation, harassment, abuse, discrimination, sexual violence, and psychological or physical harm - both offline and online.

Political Participation:

All members of society are free to participate in politics and influence political outcomes without suffering discrimination or reprisal and are acknowledged and protected through inclusive and affirming laws and policies, which are fairly and consistently implemented and enforced. Basic civil freedoms such as the right to assembly, the right to organize collectively, and free speech are respected for all citizens.

Empowered & Inclusive Movements & Organizations:

Human rights movements reflect the full diversity of the communities that they engage. Movements are capable of effective activism, and work across other movements to connect with allies and to build power. Grassroots organizations are well-managed, strategic and effective.

The Fund’s grantees promote and defend the human rights of LGBTQI+ communities and people with disabilities. These groups operate with limited resources amid challenging circumstances.

Our grants and technical assistance have supported

97 LGBTQI+ organizations
23 disabled persons' organizations

"The ERA Fund grant to Tbilisi Pride in Georgia led to a historic and unprecedented success in securing a commitment from 15 political parties to end hate speech and anti-LGBTQI+ rhetoric. The flexible grant model empowered Tbilisi Pride to achieve this despite the challenging election environment and the pandemic."

— Teona Kupunia, Deputy Director, NDI Georgia

$2,285,000 + to LGBTQI+ groups
$910,000 + to disabled persons’ organizations

That’s why the ERA Fund’s small grants and technical assistance go a long way, helping to elevate their good work and struggle for inclusion.

In partnership, we help translate the demand for equal rights into action around the world.

These are some of the local organizations we support.

Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Pride is a group of civic organizers striving for equality and justice for queer people and changing history in Georgia.

LGBT Centre Mongolia

LGBT Centre

The LGBT Centre is the first and only LGBTQI+ human rights organization that protects and promotes the social, cultural, economical and political rights of the LGBTQI+ community in Mongolia, and is the organizer of the Equality and Pride Days.

Mas Igualdad Peru

Más Igualdad Perú (MIP)

MIP is a feminist organization that works for full equality for LGTBIQ+ people in Peru.

XY Spectrum

XY Spectrum

XY Spectrum is an organization committed to promoting the rights and quality of life of intersex and transgender people in Serbia.

Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (NDWA)

Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (NDWA)

NDWA works with women, girls, transgender individuals and diverse identities to ensure participation within the LGBTQI+ movement of underrepresented voices.

Tonga Leitis Association (TLA)

Tonga Leitis Association (TLA)

TLA is committed to making a significant difference in the lives of people with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and sex characteristics to better improve human rights and the HIV response for these communities in Tonga.

Organization d'Integration et de Promotion des Personnes Atteintes d'Albinisma (OIPPA)

Organization d’Integration et de Promotion des Personnes Atteintes d’Albinisma (OIPPA)

OIPPA works to address the needs and concerns of people with albinism. This includes advocacy and awareness raising, capacity building, economic empowerment and sociocultural activities aimed at building autonomy.

Trinidad & Tobago


Founded in 2009 after local activists participated in the Organization of American States's passage of a human rights resolution on sexual orientation and gender identity, CAISO uses analysis, alliances, and advocacy to ensure LGBTQI+ inclusion in national discourse and policies. CAISO works to promote wellbeing, justice, and inclusion for Trinidad & Tobago’s LGBTQI+ communities.

Association of People with Disabilities of Padang City

Association of People with Disabilities of Padang City (PPDI)

PPDI works with local institutions and community members in West Sumatra to advocate for policies and programs that benefit people with disabilities. This contributes to the ultimate vision of full participation and equal opportunity of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life.

How We Support Our Grantees

Yes, we provide financial assistance, but we also provide technical skills and open new doors for our partners!


Expanded reach to more people in more places.

World Map World Map

Central and Eastern Europe
15 total grantees in 9 countries
14 LGBTQI+ grantees
1 DPO grantee

17 total grantees in 9 countries
12 LGBTQI+ grantees
5 DPO grantees

21 total grantees in 14 countries
18 LGBTQI+ grantees
3 DPO grantees

Middle East and North Africa
9 total grantees in 6 countries
8 LGBTQI+ grantees
1 DPO grantee

Southern and East Africa
20 grantees in 13 countries
17 LGBTQI+ grantees
3 DPO grantees

Central and West Africa
13 total grantees in 6 countries
7 LGBTQI+ grantees
6 DPO grantees

Latin America and the Caribbean
26 total grantees in 16 countries
22 LGBTQI+ grantees
4 DPO grantee


Strategic planning and technical assistance from experts.


Connections to expanded networks of influence.

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